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Boosted evolution of Ed.Tech Sector in India with a promising future

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Since the birth of humankind, schooling has been given right from its childhood. This is because education is the method of promoting learning, developing new ideas which have always been an important task for our life. Before the growth of Edtech, education was gained by going to school and the library for learning. The teaching method of the ancient world was done through instruments used by students and teachers for writing.

In this advanced world of education, Edtech has been expanding the education industry. Schools have used Google Classroom and other platforms to educate their students through an online platform. On the other hand, educators who currently use EdTech have a much clearer understanding of the term. They say that it's a concept of translating conventional book teaching and learning into digital.

What is EdTech ?

Generally, Edtech involves turning offline lectures into video ones, generating multimedia texts and quizzes. It also provides digital communication between students and their teachers. The Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) has described EdTech as facilitating learning and enhancing success by designing, utilizing, and maintaining acceptable technical processes and resources.

Mr. Vikrant Patil has founded a company named Vinsys in the year 1999, which help's in getting corporate training and workforce development. They give the best consulting for learning and developing with the best technical training in IT Services Management, IT Governments, and Project Management.

Scope For EdTech

While massive growth has taken place in this region in 2020, as EdTech firms battled for business, there is still a lot of growth to come. Let's take a closer look at the future technology in 2021 in EdTech.

  • Education by the E-learning system

Distance learning has been the top theme in education technologies for 2021 overnight owing to the fast spread of COVID-19 and need for school closures. This has contributed to a growing need for online educational platforms. eLearning is an interactive curriculum or instruction. It can be slide-based online games, or it can even be an online course that lets an organization train staff with the skills they need.

Asynchronous, where tasks are done at the student's own time and sent electronically. And it's synchronous, where lessons are in real-time. The latter proved to be especially famous during the pandemic, although it has not always been smooth sailing.

In eLearning, learners are only picking up information by reading or watching content, improving the way education is delivered. Many eLearning courses often involve animation, podcasts, and videos that create a multimodal and realistic learning environment.

  • Availability of education

Technology has the potential to enable access to education in several different ways. Remember the problem of textbooks downloadable formats that can be downloaded electronically 24/7 and are easier to purchase ensure that financially underprivileged don't lose out on content.

Moreover, technology training will create a personalized learning environment that is groundbreaking for individuals with physical or learning disabilities. EdTech will boost access to education in a variety of ways:

The textbooks are very costly. Digital textbook copies and audiobooks can be downloaded online at any time and are easier to buy. This ensures that the underprivileged are receiving all the materials they need.

Technology may be customized to accommodate any requirement. This is groundbreaking for individuals with disabilities, be they physical disabilities or intellectual disabilities.

Despite this, the truth remains that interactive tools are financially out of control for many. In June, a third of the pupils indicated that they were not involved in work and that restricted or no access to technology was an issue for around a quarter. If edtech is actually to transform lives, the expansion needs to be rapid, now and across 2021.

  • Upskilling

This year, we helped Breathe Technologies create its annual report on the cultural economy, which looked at how companies can cultivate their agile organizational culture during Covid-19.

One thing we pointed out was that teams were faced with a knowledge explosion of people struggling to come to grips with the handling of several networks and their alerts.

This got us thinking about another Edtech development away from the classroom – raising the skills of the workforce.

Continuous learning is necessary to safeguard employment in the future, particularly with the labor market now looking so grim. Even before the pandemic, the World Economic Forum had estimated that by 2022 more than half of the population would need major expertise or skills.

Edtech resources, such as online short courses, ensure that companies sustain a professional workforce and that people have the tools to advance their career.

  • Online Assessments

Testing used to be linear and strict. Today's evaluations, online exams, are personalized, versatile, safe, engaging, and easy to produce. As the center of the learning process, online tests are both insightful and adaptive.

The manner in which colleges and corporate test fresher knowledge, talents and abilities must be updated and strengthened daily if schools are to carry out realistic and reliable tests. This method of research is the future of evaluation.

  • Data-driven insights

Technology to make educators more effective has been coming in for a long time, and the pandemic has been a catalyst for making this happen.

In the days of distance learning, pupils take exams at home rather than in a classroom under the supervision of an instructor. At times, distance learning at home means little or no monitoring in the room after school hours. This lack of monitoring leaves space for "unhealthy levels of accountability, high-level testing, and stress," according to the National Educators Union.

EdTech is helping to solve this dilemma. Apps help teachers handle quizzes and produce immediate results. Automated technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning , often allows the teacher to track the pupil accurately and assess the progress he or she is making.

For example, apps that enable teachers to offer quizzes and produce feedback quickly, efficiently track and measure progress have become increasingly common. Automated technologies, such as computer learning and artificial intelligence, also allows human learning needs to be customized as data will indicate where students need support.

In conclusion, EdTech isn’t just one of the fastest-growing sectors but rightly so given the need of the hour. With great effort and support, we can steer in the right direction towards success.


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