• Darshak Golakiya

Empathy in Marketing

Empathy is putting yourself in another’s shoes and really recognizing with their situation. Brands can use empathy to create personalized services for their target audience it means asking what the customer truly desires rather than what will sell. By crafting creative content that evokes empathy consumers can be encouraged to share, respond, engage with their community members. Isn’t positive word of mouth something companies are striving for?

It is important to tap into the real consumer sentiment and tell a story they can relate to? Nike’s ad on “USA Women Soccer” is all about women’s empowerment it does not sell any products to the customers directly but strikes a chord with consumer sentiments. Consumers develop positive feelings about such brands and are likely to prefer that brand in the near future. These ads are said to evoke positive vibes and impact the perception of brands among consumers.

In a digital age where countless advertisements, videos are made daily the only way to win consumer appreciation is to make advertisements they will connect with on a personal level. These ads require an in-depth understanding of the Target Audience and careful implementation of the concept which will leave a powerful impact on the mind of consumers.

Companies that stand for a cause are generally upheld by their audience. It is a challenging task to make a bold advertisement that addresses diverse sensitive issues prevalent in society, there is a risk of the brand boycott but if implemented well such advertainments can evoke strong positive emotions of the consumers. Lifebuoy’s “help a child reach 5 “campaign was successful in creating awareness about the benefits of cleanliness during the first 28 days of childbirth to prevent the death of babies due to infections. This Ad educates people about the advantages of washing hands regularly and urges them to incorporate healthy habits in their lifestyle for their own betterment.

Brand empathy is precisely about creating a beautiful shared journey between your brand and its Target audience. It involves understanding your consumer at a deeper emotional level. Dove in its “You’re more beautiful than you think “advertisement a sketcher drew portraits of people when they described their features and when their friends described their features should it was found that 90% of people are self-critical and fail to highlight the best features. Such ad’s emotionally triggered consumers and prompt them to introspect themselves to rediscover them and when a brand is successful in doing so will be rewarded with consumer loyalty. Wouldn’t it be amazing to develop your brand on similar grounds!

Help your brand evolve so hard that they make a place not in the head of consumers but in their hearts.

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