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How to Use Organic Social Media to Showcase the Best of Your Brand?

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

In 2004, a Harvard sophomore sat in his hostel room, coding for nights, finally creating a social media website to connect Harvard students. Little did even he know that this website would revolutionize the course of the internet and how people would connect in the coming years. Yes, this is Facebook we are talking about and that sophomore was Mark Zuckerberg.

User Interface in the initial days of Facebook

Facebook was one of the major forces that brought the highly participative phase of user-generated content to the fore. With Facebook gaining traction, many others followed suit. Resulting in the inception of tons of social media networks and life-changing as we know it. According to a report published on statista.com, a staggering 4.2 BILLION people currently use Social Media, and hence it has become a hotspot for marketers in the last decade.

Content is Fire & Social Media is Gasoline.

~Jay Baer

"There’s no fire without fuel." What digital expert Jay Baer means here is that content is what sells but social media is what helps content sell. It is important to use social media as the voice of your brand.

The website is the online real estate to showcase the details about your business, as discussed in the previous blog of the series "Why do you need a Website in times of Social Media?". Think of social media as an exhibition that already has an audience. Our focus here is to showcase selected products in the exhibition, provide value to the customers there and create enough interest in our targeted audience so that they reach our store, i.e. our website, which as we know is our primary objective as per the UpwardsKV Model-1 for Communications.

#UpwardsKV Model Of Communications | The Unfinished Business #TUB
#UpwardsKV Model Of Communications

No, you don’t need to run paid ads on social media to showcase your products or services. This is where Organic Social Media comes to the rescue.

What are Organic Social Media Activities?

As per Hootsuite, a social media management platform, Organic Social Media refers to the free content (posts, photos, video, memes, stories, etc.) that all users, including businesses and brands, share with each other on their feeds.

While paid ads are a kind of automation where you put in money to show your post to people of your target audience to gain “impressions”, organic marketing may actually leave a “Better Impression” on the audience. It is one of the best ways to create a connection with your customers and other people in your “Your Own” social circle.

When you post organically on any social media, it reaches people who follow you, followers of your followers & people who follow the hashtags you have used, many of whom are prospective customers for you with an interest in your brand. They can also be your acquaintances who might refer you to people in need. This way, you have a target audience who you already know are potential customers and can be directed to the website where you can engage them & then remarket.

Organic marketing tactics give you quality viewers in terms of your friends, clients, ex-colleagues, batchmates, businesses in your social circle, and more. It is one of the many reasons why organic marketing is important before you start advertising. A wise businessman must saturate the markets in the immediate reach before going for unknown territories.

A lot of talk around social media is about aesthetics and how posts should look pretty but does that really matter? Beautiful social media posts are a thing of the past as today’s social media is more about educating the audience rather than entertaining them. The purpose of social media has moved more towards providing value to the customer and in the process, informing them about your products & services.

Let’s talk about the components of an effective social media post.

Visual Creative (Photo / Video / Graphic Design)

The work of a visual creative is to catch the eyeballs of the audience while they are rubbing their thumb on the screens of the phone. A catchy design that sends out a clear message is a huge plus point that might make the viewer’s thumb stop for a while. With the attention span of humans becoming shorter and shorter, catchy creative is the only thing that can help.

Short description

As soon as the creative catches the eye, the mind looks for relevance and that’s when the written part comes in. The text which is written on the photo part is called a “Copy” which is a catchphrase for the first instant. It is supposed to be a hook that would compel the audience to read a brief description which is written as a sneak peek inside the whole writeup which the post is talking about.

Link to website

A post is incomplete if a website link does not follow the description. We caught the eye of the audience & they got interested to read about the post in the description. Placing a link at the end of the description would lead them to a website page that could give detailed information about the subject. The link can also lead to a lead form or eCommerce portal. The main motive is to get the audience attracted and to invite them to our website for any reason depending on the purpose of the post.

Social Media Analytics will tell you how your post is doing and filter out numbers you want to see. These filters show you how the number of impressions may not always translate into quality leads. This way you can make an informed decision & change your social media strategy based on the results.

As observed from the above picture, The people who view your posts are exponentially higher (10,808 in this case), depending on your distribution. The people who get interested and click on the post's "Read More" button are equivalent to 20% (2,378 in this case). While the actual people who click and reach the website are significantly lower than the total traffic (1,152 in this case) which is roughly 11.5%. The chances that some of these website visitors are actually in need of your product and services, have the right paying capacity, are geographically in your service area, and are considering you as an option are even lesser. This is the often neglected but actual picture of digital marketing, with no fancy jazz. Brands and their employees often work without this knowledge and demand results overnight, which leads to the gap between expectation and delivery.

These posts may take some time to get close to perfect. There are specialist copywriters & creative designers, who do this day in & day out and only then become near perfect in social media management. You could just search on YouTube and there are infinite courses on learning graphic designing and copywriting for free or just hire a professional like The Unfinished Business to make your next digital strategy and help you with the execution.

Post Ready? Focus on Circulation

There are a lot of Social Media Platforms available to circulate your brand’s posts but the first task is realizing “one size doesn’t fit all”. There is no fixed formula to succeeding in organic social media marketing. Different social media platforms work for different industries and domains. Each of the social media platforms has a different format of posts:

  • On Youtube, you might like to upload a longer informational video

  • On Instagram, a teaser- trailer will do great

  • On LinkedIn you focus more on the strategy, hiring, and corporate communications perspective

  • On Twitter, you post the latest news breaks about your firm

Hence the circulation is also different on different platforms. Some messenger apps assist you to reach your official circles, other groups assist you to share your message in the local and national markets. A lot of in-depth research goes into finding the right platforms, apps, listings, groups, and forums suitable for your industry where you could list your product or share information organically and still derive ROI out of them.

Freely available information about each aspect of marketing for learners

But how do you find out what works best for you?

Well, that is exactly what a Communication Specialist’s job profile is. They will prepare a Customized Digital Strategy for your brand and answer the "Why", “How” & "What" of your social media strategy.

If you want to prepare a strategy for your brand by yourself, thorough research of the below points is required:

  1. What to say & how to put it

  2. Which Platform is best suited for your brand

  3. How to prepare a Media Calendar to maintain consistency

  4. How to distribute your content organically and through automation (ads)

Research all these points and maintain regular efforts to champion organic social media marketing and see it reap benefits for your brand.

For an enhanced understanding, check out this video on the topic👇🏽

Now that our organic social media strategy is in place, we need to move to the next step of the Pyramid Model for Digital Communication and proliferate our brand, which we will do with the help of SEO, i.e. Search Engine Optimization.

Check out our next blog in this series, "SEO- The Catalyst You Need to Increase Your Website Traffic" to learn how SEO is the next step in this process and do leave your comments / views / queries below.


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