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Updated: Sep 3, 2021

All of us are more or less aware of the situation at the time of our partition and how far we have come. Thanks to the less-read history books and more viewed Bollywood movies and YouTube channels. But how do we know that India is growing? Would it not be a perfect example if one of the most successful businessmen in the world Jeff Bezos called the 21st century as “The Indian Century”?

Indians are known to have zeal in converting impossibilities into possibilities. We are known to build stronger networks with every one and this is what we focused on last year as a nation to build expressways, highways, airports and strengthen our telecom infrastructure to improve connectivity for stronger relationships.

The sudden implementation of lockdown has coerced the citizens to change their lifestyles. Humans are considered social animals where they interact with the ecosystem and one another to create mutual value. Looking at the current state of pandemic & economic growth rate, the telecom sector seems to be the only savior connecting people even while working from home. Due to its key role, last year we saw both the private sector & Government take measures which could benefit in future :

  • Govt. reducing license and Spectrum Usage Charge which will provide service at low cost resulting in an increase of digitalization.

  • Companies like Airtel and Jio have invested heavily and have started working for providing 5G services.

  • Starlink, an Elon Musk founded organization recently launched its beta version paving the way for 5G usage which was subscribed by many Indians.

The helplessness of people during the lockdown has totally changed their lifestyle and boosted the telecom sector in the last year. The sudden conversion of home into office has highly increased the demand for internet connectivity with the help of which broadband connections have stretched their reach to rural parts of India as well. The speed in internet connectivity has given rise to many innovative gadgets like the development of the internet of things (IOT) which are Amazon Echo, Google Assistant and wi-fi enabled appliances such as television, air conditioner, and many more. As difficult to digest as it might seem, the pandemic has actually fast laned the rate of growth in the nation.

Last year has not only seen people changing their homes into offices but has also seen another huge shift in the way of selling products and services online.

  • For students: Offline classes first became online sessions of institutes before e-learning became a full-fledged employment segment with Byju’s, White Hat Junior, and more.

  • For Working Professionals: Physical reporting first became online log-in with the camera on, before the whole ERP was adopted to map personal efficiency in real-time.

  • For Shoppers: Mall experience first transformed into online shopping before the apps adopted an ecosystem approach of coupons, cashback, other app integrations, and all in one shopping experience.

Each stratum of society has seen a shift in their online experience / behaviour and it is definitely for the better. It is noteworthy to see the achievements which Indian start-ups have made giving competition to the likes of Intel in processor designing like Shakti. In the field of AI alone, Indian Start-Ups raised USD 836.3 million in funding amount in 2020.

India is no more “The Land of Snake Charmers”. Today, with the drastic improvement in Telecom Ecosystem, uniting the country internally and globally, we are “The New Land of Opportunities”.

On this diamond jubilee, the 75th Independence Day of India, we salute our nation for being so dynamic, it is an adoption rate no-one has ever witnessed before. Keenly looking forward to this Indian Century.

Wishing everyone a Happy Independence Day.

Jai Hind…!!!


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