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Video Marketing for Organic leads

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Everyone knows that on the Internet, video sharing is booming. Anybody who spends time on social networking sites can decipher the real value of video marketing through educational or entertainment content which they consume on daily basis. The social media networks and forums of today are saturated with video marketing.  Almost any form of organization these days will benefit from making a short video to introduce its goods and services.

As of 2021, consumers are 64-85 percent more likely to buy a video-displayed product or service as per Neil Patel. This makes it a key element in the future of online marketing to create a personal connection with customers through the means of video marketing. Smart businesses and visionary entrepreneurs are turning the online broadcast medium into a super effective form of communication strategy. Video can help you reach new audiences, especially when used in conjunction with social media platforms.

In capturing and engaging individuals, visuals play an important role. And since it offers a more immersive experience than pictures, video is the ideal visual medium to do just that. The best thing about online video is that individuals very much choose to watch over reading. For driving conversions, passion and emotions are essential ingredients. And, even when talking to an audience at the other end of the globe, the video is one medium that enables you to communicate both.

The Unfinished Business has been using video marketing to all its glory to reach out to the masses and generate organic leads. Yes...!!! "Organic Leads" through video marketing from social media. All the clients you see on our clients page have come from video marketing itself. It gave us a platform to simplify the concept of Digital Marketing and spread our word to the audience in a creative and catchy way. As you can see in the screenshots below how the organic reach has exploded just by creating engaging content and no ads push what so ever as of February 2021.

In case you would need to verify, you could use tools like SEM Rush or other tools to check if the pages are running any ads or not as of February 2021. I would even go ahead and confirm that all the 600+ followers on Facebook and 160+ followers on LinkedIn are through organic video marketing itself. There is a point to note here that we do not believe in collecting junk followers but genuine ones who have seen our content somewhere and have thought of following us to get more of our content.

The organic leads have been generated from among them only. For B2B companies that utilize data and education to shift their marketing needle, video is especially useful. In addition, informing and educating clients is what any organization can do to spread greater awareness. Imagine someone had bought the competitor's product and they search for a "How to use it" video and they get it from your brand. Even though they did not purchase your product then, they would still have a brand recall of you and the chances of purchasing your product next time increases. On the basis of the responses received across multiple platforms for our video campaign we at The Unfinished Business feel confident to claim that if organically we could reach such heights, when we start boosting our content through paid promotions, there are high chances for our channel to go viral.

Do let us know what do you think about video marketing or how it has been helpful to you.

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