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Welcome to the Land of Karnataka

Karnataka has a recorded history of more than 2000 years. Bangalore, or Bengaluru, was the first official capital of Mysore State (now Karnataka) after India's independence in 1947. Life in Bangalore is pleasing, and it's ever running nature keeps it dear to many. The long homestays and work from home schedules during COVID-19 has made everyone lose sanity. Then we start looking for alternatives where one can elope, locate solace for a day and feel safe from the pandemic too. Here is a list of first-class places to go to near Bangalore, whenever you drop into the land of Karnataka.

1. Ramanagaram

A beautiful temple at Ramanagaram

The Silk City of South India, Ramanagar, a small town in Bangalore whose distinguishing fame is the movie Sholay. For a Bollywood fan, Sholay film and its iconic scenes can come alive in the city of Ramanagaram, as this movie was shot here.

A go-to place for excitement and adventure activities such as trekking, rafting, rock climbing, coracle rides, and cave exploitation which allows tourists to experience something new. One can head out for a day of spotting birds such as Laughing Doves, Kingfishers, and long-billed vultures with a pair of binoculars as well.

2. Shivanasamudra

A View of the Shivanasamudra Waterfalls

Shivanasamudra, or Shiva Samudram, is a mainstream picnic spot in the Mandya District of Karnataka. Referred to as the "Niagara Falls of India". The principle fascination of the falls is its vertical drop from a height of 20 meters with a roaring sound. The falls have around 14 channels. It is listed among the top 100 waterfalls in the world. Return energized to the city after appreciating a quiet end of the week at Shivanasamudra.

3. Mysore

Palace of the Maharajas of Mysore

Situated in the lower regions of the Chamundi Hills, Mysore is the third most populated city in Karnataka, and its rich legacy draws a huge number of travelers lasting throughout the year. Mysore, South India’s charming city, is also wealthy in tradition.

Mysore is one of the most well-known ends of week goals from Bangalore that you can take to appreciate the deep-rooted compositional wonders in India. Go through a day investigating the Mysore Palace which is the focal point of a wide range of Dussehra festivities. You can likewise visit the famous Mysore Zoo and Brindavan Gardens or go for a lengthy drive up to Chamundi Hills.

4. Nandi Hills

Sunrise at Nandi Hills

A beautiful hill station, Nandi Hills is located in the state of Karnataka. The spot has hypnotizing magnificence, and experiencing the sunrise is a stunning encounter. The height is approx 1450 meters, which is an exciting yardstick for trek lovers. Known for its scenic beauty, viewpoints, and natural charm, Nandi hills is also home to several temples and monuments.

This is a perfect goal for a lengthy drive from Bangalore.

5. Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary

The only place in the world where Panthers, Black Panthers, Tigers, Elephants & Alligators are found together

Kabini wildlife sanctuary is located on the banks of the kabini river in the Kodagu region of Karnataka. Earlier it was a hunting ground for kings of Mysore. Kabini spreads over 55 acres and is home to Asian Elephants, Bisons, critically endangered oriental white-backed vulture, and Nilgiri wood pigeons. You can enjoy Jungle Safari at Nagarhole National Park by riding in your small jeep, you can spot Asiatic animals, leopards, sambars, deers on your route. Proper safety is ensured as this adventure is controlled by government authorities.

One can go for Boat riding in the beautiful Kabini river and have a refreshing experience. Kabini is also full of musical birds which the natives protect and feed them. The Malabar Pied Hornbill, Snakebird, Asian Openbill, and different kinds of kingfisher can be spotted.

6. Channapatna

Channapatna is a city situated in the Ramanagara district of Karnataka. It is very famous for its handmade lacquer wooden toys and hence is regarded as the ‘Toy-town of Karnataka’. A very ancient tale narrates that Tipu Sultan, the ruler of Mysore, had invited artisans from Persia, to train local artists to make wooden toys specifically from ivory wood, rosewood, and sandalwood.

Centuries later, this tradition is still alive and is blending with modernity by becoming eco-friendly and sustainable. The Government of Karnataka has bestowed this magical place with the status of ‘Geographical Indication’ (GI), making it the ultimate souvenir from here.

7. Nrityagram


Located in Hesaraghatta, Karnataka, Nrityagram is the brainchild of a renowned Danseuse Protima Bedi. Established in 1990, it is a dance village, where ‘Nritya’ is the way of life. It is said that in the late 80s, the Government of Karnataka gave a 10-acre barren patch of land to her, and she turned it into a village where Indian Classical Dances could thrive. After she built and fostered it, she left for Kailash Mansarovar, where she succumbed to a landslide in 1997.

Nrityagram is a feast to the eyes.

8. Anthargange

An explorer at the caves of Anthargange

Anthargange is a rocky hill range at 1226 m in the Kolar district around Bangalore. If you love exploring less famous locations then Anthargange is the location to be. There are several caves on the hilltop some of them are quite big. Visitors camp overnight in these caves. The temple at the top of the mountain is ancient and sacred with a naturally formed spring at its entrance. Anthargange is one of the great trips that you can take. The place is surrounded by the aid of hillocks and caves which were shaped from volcanic rocks. Carry your food while you visit this perfect spot with your family and friends.

9. Horsley Hills

Breathtaking view of Horsley hills

Horsley Hills is a group of hills located in Chittoor district bordering the state of Karnataka. These hills are named after WD Horsley, the then collector of the Kadapa District. It is a small hill station well-known for beautiful views and diverse plants and fauna, which offers some offbeat sports activities. The height of 1265 m above sea level provides a cool environment and a breathtaking view of the lush green landscape surrounding it. If you are searching for a rapid weekend getaway from Bangalore, then this beautiful hill station is the place you need to be. Apart from the outstanding views, there is a 150-year-old Eucalyptus tree named Kalyani.

10. Hassan

Temples of Hassan

The district of Hassan lies between two major cities of Karnataka, Bangalore, and Mangalore. It gets its name from the Hindu Goddess, Hasanamba. This place is one of India’s treasures which is covered with monuments and temples and hence is tremendously admired by tourists and history lovers alike. Some of the places to explore here are Gorur dam, Hoysala temples, Shettihalli church, and Ramanthaour temple. Make certain that at least Shettihalli church is on the list for the reason that it is submerged in water at some stage in monsoons and emerges again once the monsoon is over.

The visit to any of these charming places calls for a tiring yet delightful culmination of a day filled with knowledge, nostalgia, and introspection. You are welcome to explore the beauty of Karnataka and sway into its charms and captivating history.

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