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What is the actual flow of traffic in Digital Marketing?

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Did you know, while most industries suffered losses during the lockdown of 2020, the Digital Advertising industry in India grew by 15.3% to reach Rs. 15,782 crore and would further grow by 20% in 2021, according to the Dentsu Digital Report 2021?

Seeing this growth, a lot of Indians took digital marketing lessons during the first lockdown. We did our own little survey and found that 48% of our sample size, which includes fellow digital marketers & MBAs, said they took a digital marketing lesson in the lockdown but almost 70% of them are not able to use the knowledge they’ve accumulated from these lessons.

Due to this increase in demand, there has been a steep rise in the number of Digital Marketing courses offered online. If you search for Digital Marketing courses on google search, you’d find more than a hundred of them, offering different courses like social media marketing, YouTube marketing, LinkedIn marketing etc. But what most of them are missing out on, is making you understand the flow of the process, which is also followed by many big companies like Amazon, Apple, Lenskart and Oyo.

What is the Flow of Process for Digital Communication?

The flow of process can be explained by the pyramid model of traffic flow as shown in the below image. We call it UpwardsKV Model-1 for Communications.

To make you understand the basics of the flow, let us compare it with the traditional way of marketing, i.e. Offline Marketing. This will make you understand how similar both types of marketing are and how processes of both, Online & Offline Marketing, flow in a similar direction. We will take a real-world, brick & mortar example and break it down in the following points.

  • Your first task is to procure real estate for your organization, where you either buy, rent or construct an infrastructure, which could be a shop/office/warehouse, depending upon the nature of your business.

  • Once your business is ready, the next task would be to showcase your product in a way that people passing by become aware that something is being sold here. Retailers practice visual merchandising to optimize the presentation of products in order to highlight their features & benefits. Many big brands also pay shop owners huge amounts to put their products in the display section for retail.

  • Now that people passing by are aware of your business, word of mouth will come into play. This is an organic step where customers start sharing opinions and feedback about your business among their social circles, hence multiplying your potential customer base. This is an important step and brands spend a lot of time on creating campaigns which would help start a discussion between people & proliferate. Reviews are also an example of word-of-mouth marketing.

  • The next step is advertising. You start distributing pamphlets & hang up hoardings around the area to inform potential customers in the vicinity about your business.

  • After some time, once the business has been up & running for a while, you may wish to expand and go bigger. For this, you will start making public appearances and participate in big events.

This is how offline businesses and their communication grow through time. As shown in the pyramid model, communication flows from the bottom of the pyramid to the top in order to get the audience or customer to the shop, hence from top of the pyramid to the bottom.

Much like this, online businesses also have a communication flow similar to this, where they are trying to get you back to their websites. That is why you find backlinks to websites in emails, SMS, WhatsApp & other social media posts by brands. They want the consumer to reach their online real estate, the website.

The bullet points of the flow for digital marketing in case of online business, as mentioned in the model, are:

To make these easier for you to understand and to keep these blogs from getting longer than you can read in one go, we will be discussing these points individually in the upcoming blogs. The next blog will discuss the base of the pyramid, i.e. Website, why is it important for your business and how can you make optimum use out of it. Do check out our next blog in which we discuss in detail as to "Why do you need a Website in times of Social Media?".


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