What is the difference between a website, a microsite, a landing page and a mobile phone app?

While writing this basic information feels so funny as in today’s world even kids know it or at least they are being sold this by the likes of White Hat Jr. I am writing this blog as I promised you in my last video that I would do so & it will also add on to my website's SEO and showcase, so it benefits both ways.

Well, as mentioned, in the last video, this blog will emphasize on the difference between a Website, a Microsite, a Landing page, and a Mobile App. We hope that this blog gives you enough information to choose the best for your business and not be carried away by any fads which come and go. Beginning with...


A website is a collection of web pages on the internet in which each page has a specific and definite reason for being there. There can be a variety of pages on one website, starting with the basics:

  1. Home Page

  2. Services / Products matrix page

  3. Product-specific detailing pages

  4. Showcase or Gallery page

  5. About Us Page

and more to count as per the requirement of the industry and the company specifically.

All these pages are interconnected and the audience can travel internally to each page separately by clicking on the menu buttons. A website gives you the freedom of having a specific address and a highly personalized form of online space on the internet.

You could showcase the depth of your thoughts behind the brand or even the glorious history of your family business. The idea revolves around engaging the audience which has landed on your digital shop due to some intention of either getting a reference or giving you business. Both ways, it is your first impression on a person you haven't met yet. Our primary research conducted on approximately 1,000 sample across India indicates that more than 50% of people develop their first impression of the company through a website. It should be tastefully designed and worth it.

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A microsite is something like the movie "inception". It is actually a website inside a website, which is very informative and cool. A microsite can be a small 5 pager or a full-fledged website depending on requirements. Then why is it called "Micro"? Just because this website does not represent a company but only a specific function or a business unit of that brand.


Radisson Hotels has a website at the brand level, depicting the brand itself and its subsidiaries.

But when you book a hotel in Pune, you go to that hotel's separate microsite to scroll on each page about the services offered and the discounts available not on the brand's mother website.

There is a brand website of Microsoft as well but if you want to purchase a Microsoft product like Office 365, you will have to go to the Office 365 Microsite where all the pages will be dedicated to the product line, length, and depth.

Hence a microsite is required for large-scale functions where your separate Product / Service / Business Unit needs its personal space due to its complex nature.

#UpwardsKV, #TUB, The Unfinished Business, Difference between a website, a microsite, a landing page and Mobile app


A landing page is technically any page where the audience lands on but in this context, we are referring to a stand-alone landing page. Before you use this as a website for your company, think again over why you need a website in the first place? If it is for a business, you need to have separate pages for the display of your products or services. In case it is just for running ads on Social Media, your hobby or part-time business can be appreciated by many but not seen as a real business in a big market. A website is a seal of trust of a brand.

Then why is a landing page created?

A landing page is created only for "lead generation" paid campaign purposes on Search Engines like Google, Bing, etc. On Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, the leads are generated on their native platforms through their own forms but that is a kind of push marketing (will be discussed in the next video) wherein you push your content to unknown users thinking they might be interested. As a result, you generate majorly junk leads.

By running search ads on Google, you get a more mature audience who know about the services in general and are now seeking them INTENTIONALLY through Googling them. Hence the leads generated on a landing page are much more qualified than on Social Media.

On the landing page, usually, you have mostly all broad information about the advertised offering and only one link attached, that of a Lead Generation Form. The second way out is to only go back or close the tab. This is done with the intention of giving the audience full information and at the same time, not to let the audience go anywhere else but only fill a lead in case they are interested. Subsequently, the leads are nurtured by calling them on the number they submitted. A landing page can be on the same or different domain name but is never linked to any page on the website.

#UpwardsKV, #TUB, The Unfinished Business, Difference between a website, a microsite, a landing page and Mobile app

#UpwardsKV, #TUB, The Unfinished Business, Difference between a website, a microsite, a landing page and Mobile app


A mobile app is a step towards hyper personalisation, from the brand to the user. Loosely an app is recommended for those businesses whose trade requires heavy data exchange or complex backstage calculations.

The basic reasons for a brand to consider having an app are:

  • It gives you speedy loads and better experience in the ecosystem. If you browse any product through the app on Amazon, it will load faster and work smoother due to the saved data on your memory card specifically for this function.

  • If your online shop is going to have a bigger and more complex product matrix like the range of women's clothing (sarcastically), your App might be able to give ease of access through personalisation in reach of buttons for better search.

An app is recommended when you have a bigger audience base who come back again and again, frequently (not weekly but almost daily) or aim to have one in near future. Why else would a brand make an investment which is not even being used, it would be smarter to stick to a mobile friendly website otherwise.

#UpwardsKV, #TUB, The Unfinished Business, Difference between a website, a microsite, a landing page and Mobile app

With this we end our short summary about the differences between a website, a microsite, a landing page and an application. This blog will also be featured as a video log in near future but from SEO point of view, we need to put it here too. Because, if we don't practice ourselves, how will we consult you?

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