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Why do you need a Website in times of Social Media?

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

If you google the definition of “Website”, most results are full of jargons that could confuse even the well-versed ones like you & I. The simpler one that I like most is “A website is the real estate of your online business”. As no offline business is complete without real estate, similarly, all online businesses remain incomplete without a website.

“Website” forms the base of the UpwardsKV Model-1 for Communications. Don’t know what it is? It is the pyramid model of traffic flow for Digital Communication. Read the previous blog What is the actual flow of traffic in Digital Marketing for details.

#UpwardsKV Model of Communications
#UpwardsKV Model of Communications

Why do you need a website?

In the past few years, social media has come up as a marketplace in itself, and people are rapidly moving to apps for all kinds of requirements. According to market research firm techARC, 77% of Indians accessing wireless broadband are doing so through smartphones. As a matter of fact, Statista reports India to be the fastest-growing mobile internet market in the world, and in 2019, over 19 billion mobile apps were downloaded in the country.

While all this is true and we need to leverage them as well, a business requires a website for one very important reason and that is because ---

Website is a Seal of Trust for a Brand.

With a plethora of options to choose from, a fully functional website builds a certain amount of trust in the customer. While social media works like the voice of a business and is great for bringing more eyeballs, every brand aims to get more customers to their website so that people could know the brand intimately and get in touch if required. Social Media as a marketplace is also limited and cannot show the complete catalog of services offered by the brand as a website can. Although social media plays its part in the communication flow, a website sets the base for an online business just like a shop does for an offline business.

We did a Primary Research with 1000 people across India, in the age group of 20-30 years, and 54% of them said that they develop first impressions of a brand through their website and 24% of them were neutral to this. This clearly shows how important your website is for your brand.

Your website speaks volumes about your business persona to the people whom you haven’t met yet. Let your website showcase the best of your business as it creates a brand image in the mind of your prospective customer, and we know first impressions last long.

How do you showcase your best on your website?

The answer is “Website Design”. The design of a website is what attracts the visitor. The first thing to do is to understand the market segment that you are targeting and staying up to date with the trends. With high-speed internet available these days due to lockdown & work-from-home, it is imperative that you leverage it and develop a new-age design, walking away from the traditional box-on-box design. This also conveys that the brand is moving forward with the times.

Represent your brand through your website

  • Showcase each and every aspect of your company.

  • Display the length, width & depth of your product matrix.

  • Create a brand story highlighting the history of your company or the idea behind the brand.

  • Plugin your social media handles so that all your updates reflect directly on your website.

After all this is done, what you need to do is to Index your website & go for On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO), so google can reach out to you whenever someone searches for you or your product.

Since this is a brief summary of what goes into developing a website, you may search for free tutorials on the internet for all these steps to understand them in detail. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube with in-depth explanations but do you really want to focus your energy on learning every process surrounding one department of your business or would you rather hire a professional like The Unfinished Business to do what’s not your forte? You choose.

For an enhanced understanding, check out this video on the topic👇🏽

Now that our online real estate i.e., the website is ready, what is the next step? If you remember from our last blog explaining the pyramid model of traffic flow in Digital Marketing, the next step is showcasing our products in order to bring in customers. Our next blog on "How to Use Organic Social Media to Showcase the Best of Your Brand?" is now live, do check out that blog to learn how to grow your brand without monetary digital advertising.

Do read other interesting blogs in the showcase section of our website and let us know in the comments what else would you like to read about.


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