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End-2-End Marketing Consulting

The communications consultants at The Unfinished Business can package the right strategy that builds full-service, End-to-End (E2E) solutions.

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Branding Services

Your brand is not just your logo, your brand tells a story. It's an experience of becoming knowable, likeable & trustable

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Logo Designer at Work

Branding is not just logo design and colour scheme fixing.

"It is the story your brand tells."


  • Does your brand promote success like beverage advertisements?

  • Does it promote nostalgia and Malgudi memories?

  • Does it relate to only the premium mindset and accepting nothing but the best?


Our branding services will help you carve the brand's character & it's story, amplifying the emotions behind it and much more. Resonate with like minded target audience and build everlasting relations.


All this is achieved with a rooted Brand Story, Relatable and Recognisable logo and a Catchy Tagline which stands the test of time and does not become a passe. All this will be developed with deep research and emotional design. Brand guidelines are just some paperwork, which can be done with ease.

Website Designing

Your Website is the window of your business & your online real estate

Keep it fresh!

Keep it exciting!

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Whenever you are hunting for a new client, they might ask you about your product catalog, or a website or a simple rate card.


Suiting your business requirements, there is a variety of things your own digital real estate can display. From product or services showcase catalogues to generating leads to e-retailing click and buy options. A lot can happen just through a website URL link of your business.


If you are looking at "The Unfinished Business" website on a computer, you would realise that out of the many unique and tastefully designed websites out there, we are definitely one.


More than 80% of people believe that websites make the first impression (Ref. link to the primary research). If you are impressed by ours, we know the art to make yours even better.

Image by Carlos Muza

This is the beginning of Post-COVID era. New businesses are not moving. Power-saving mode is on for all.
There is a need to step into the digital future, but you want to know what is the right thing to do.
The questions that matter are:

  • "Do I invest more on Social Media or will Youtube content do it for my business?"

  • "Do I even need SEO or is Social Media enough for me?"

Get the industry Insights from:

  • Your Immediate competitor, in terms of what they are doing on digital to churn business.

  • Your Potential competitors, whom you want to compete within next 5 years, about their approach and vision.

  • Industry leader giants like Reliance, HUL, GE etc. who make the industry move, about the cutting edge techniques which can be adopted by simple tweaks.

An in depth competitor analysis will help you set right benchmarks for your business looking at the trends and patterns of the industry as a whole.

Research & Competition Analysis

Digital Marketing Research & competitor analysis is like romance, where the insights generated are used to take informed decisions

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Customised Digital Strategy

A customised digital strategy will help you communicate the best of your business offerings in all the different manners your audience is consuming content

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What would you do when you now know which way to go?

A customised digital strategy from the learning derived will pave the way for questions like:


  • What to do?

  • Where to invest?

  • Which platform is the best for my industry and business?

  • How much is sufficient?

  • What is overdoing?

  • The media calendar and themes for next month

  • Coverage of all festivals, events & offers with a story to tell

Someone said,

"When you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

A Woman Wearing White

When you put in so much heart and soul into your brand, you deserve to be seen.

Digital advertisements increase circulation of your services as ads to the people who are relevant to your offerings. All your existing customers have 1 thing in common, "Their Taste". That is why they keep coming back to you.

Audience with same or similar taste have similarities in many ways but one & digital ads help us reach out to more people with the same characteristics.

Be seen where your audience is looking at is the core of digital ads which can be quantified in figures.

Have you been investing in the audience which gives you more of junk leads? We can help you improve lead quality.

Digital Advertising

Ignoring online promotions is like doing business but not telling the customers

Let's spread the word together

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Content Marketing & Online Reputation Management

To be seen as a genuine seller, you need to create awareness among the audience about your offerings

From Youtube "How To" videos to "FAQ's" there is a lot your prospect buyers are expecting out your you

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Female Vlogger

When was the last time you made any kind of a purchase?

  • Did you look up about the needs and requirements you had on the internet?

  • Did you read about the different options available as a solution?

  • Did you watch "How To" videos about it on the internet?

  • Did you read client feedbacks or influencer reviews?

It is all about addressing customer pain points which connects your brand to their psyche.

That is the value of Video and Text content marketing. You pull business from where the consumer goes to find a solution.
And we are great at storytelling, Do check out our
Showcase page.

Image by Campaign Creators

Now when you are spending money, you need to know where it went.

Have you been checking on the facebook's dashboard to see if it says,
your creative is running good or bad?

Have you compared the performance of 2 creatives and reasoned out as to why one performed lesser than the other?

Have you read the trends as to at what time usually your ad performs the best?

We can do it for you, and straighten out those jumbled up ad performance reports into digestible language for you to understand and decide the course yourself with our advice.

Campaign Auditing & Vendor Management

If you are already running ads yet are not satisfied with the results

Allow us to carry out a diagnostic of your campaign and fix the issues for you to boost performance

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