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The video is a must-watch for men.

Mr. Racherla demonstrates how a suit is tailored for gentlemen and educates the audience on the art of getting the right fit for themselves.

Check out this video to know how Modisto Bespoke Tailors have been servicing their clients across the world since 1969 from Andheri West, Mumbai.

Interview with Mr. Susheel Racherla
(11th Generation in his business)

Watch how after COVID-19 , sanitization has become a priority and the tattoo industry was affected. Mr. Sanjay Lal highlights the extreme hygiene that customers must expect at a tattoo studio. 

A Must watch for spiritual wanderers

Interview with Mr. Sanjay Lal
(Tattoo artist since 17+ Years)

While being a part of the Event Management Committee at the NHRD- Hyderabad Chapter 2018, we covered one of the keynote speakers and his views about the changing aspects in Human Resources and his feedback about the event management.

Interview with
Mr. Sameer Goel

(M.D.- Coromandel International Limited, Murugappa Group)

While leading the marketing team of Sri Balaji University Pune (SBUP) in 2017-18, we covered the alumni meets of the University and taking bites from the alumni who are exemplars. Mr. Deep Banerjee was one of the leading organizers of the event, an outstanding alumnus of batch 2006-08.

Interview with
Mr. Deep Banerjee

(Lead HR, Colgate-Palmolive)

We Interviewed Mr. V. Babu on how important is socializing for the HR fraternity so that the knowledge can be shared and multiplied. He also shares his feedback on the coverage and marketing of the event which we were a part of.

Interview with
Mr. V. Babu

(Head HR, L&T Construction)

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Coverage Videos

The session was attended by 22 professions from various industries. It depicts the beauty of the campus and the healthy corporate bonding among the attendees.

Memoir from IIM-Bangalore
Digital Marketing for Business Growth 2018

To explore the city of Pune, what better opportunity than attending the grand Ganpati Festival. The celebration of Ganesh Sthapana and Ganesh Visarjan events are the biggest in the world by the sheer size and participation. We attended the Ganesh Visarjan festival at its heart in Pune and covered for the distant viewers to get the full experience of it.

Ganpati Visarjan, Pune- Aftermovie 2019
(Crossed 50K Views Organically)

Press Conference Organisation and Coverage
Rivulis Drip Irrigation Systems (Mumbai)

We organized and covered the press conference hosted by Rivulis Drip Irrigation Systems India Pvt. Ltd. It is a subsidiary of the Israel-based MNC. The chief guests were the Israeli Embassy chief and other delegates. It was a high-priority event that was organized to launch their new app for farmers, known as "Manna".

Press Conference Organisation & Coverage
Investment Safeguard

(A revolutionary & unique app)

We organized and covered the press conference of Investment Safeguard, which is a revolutionary and one of its kind application. It helps people recover the saved money by a near one after their untimely demise (which no one is prepared for). They have done some ground-breaking work and have gotten funding after this coverage. The owner wrote us an appreciation letter.

#TUB Video Marketing

Ranting about the communications strategy of White Hat Jr.? We have 2 alternatives which could turn around the image. Watch this exciting video to know about back up plans in communications.

Alternate communication strategy, when things go wrong

With an example of the Bihar elections in 2020, the importance of branding is explained in a much more relatable manner. 

A must watch video for Business Owners.

How important is "Branding"?

While everyone talks about " Growth Hack", not everyone understands the full meaning of it. We realised that people use every fancy jargon so loosely to lure customers in buying any product they are offering. Do check out this video to know more.

What is Growth Hack & how to achieve it?


Official video campaign for Sri Balaji University

Leading the marketing efforts of Sri Balaji University Pune in 2017, an explainer video for the process of ranking B-Schools in India was prepared and published in a video commercial format. We scored 216% growth in the number of admission applications which was boosted by our marketing efforts.

Leading the marketing efforts of Hotel Royal Orchid Jaipur, several videos were made as a part of showcasing the tourists, the beauty of Jaipur city, and marketing the Hotel Property through this.

Coverage of Jaipur city on Diwali 2018, heading communications for Hotel Royal Orchid Jaipur 2019

Self Made Apple Commercial for presentation

Apple Commercial
designed to showcase our though process

Student Interview Commercial for SBUP, 2018

This commercial advertisement is a video interview of the institute's highest placement package.

This was one of the many videos in the admissions campaign of Sri Balaji University, Pune

This commercial advertisement is a video interview of the institute's highest placement package.

This was one of the many videos in the admissions campaign of Sri Balaji University, Pune

Student Interview Commercial for SBUP, 2018